Trias, Duke of Benevolent Ruin

Trias, Power of Benevolent Ruin

Personal Code

Code of the Light


Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 4
    • 6 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm -
    • - Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 2
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points



Trias is difficult to hurt, s/he tends to bounce back from even hideous injuries, usually bearing a new scar to show for it. (At least until she gets bored with it.)


Eating, breathing, sleeping… Well, these aren't really things s/he needs. Fun to indulge in sometimes, but when you've got a nuclear glow for a heart, not such a big deal.

Radiation is my friend

Lesser Power: Preservation +3

Activation: Automatic +1

Oneself Only -3

Utility: Limited Selection of applications -2

Total cost: 1

Trias was born from radiation, and as such suffers no ill effects from it. In fact, s/he tends to find it relaxing. This also applies to a few sources of non-nuclear radiation, mainly cosmic rays and those found inside microwaves.


Just like ninjas, Trias know no limit.


Damn the restrictions, full speed ahead!


  • Daniel Siepowski, the ex-farmer who decided the world had a right to know what was coming. (4)
  • The reactor core of chernobyl, sleeping in its shell (6)
  • An abandoned cargo plane in Alaska, that is home to an endangered species of birds. (3)
  • John Snopes, an archaeologist currently poking around in Peru. (3)
  • An old castle in County Cork, Ireland, that is falling to bits, but brings in tons of tourist money to the County. (4)

Sample Miracles

Level 1 Ghost miracle: Make a small machine fail, in a way that harms no one and is easily repairable. Cause lovers in an angry shouting match that to come to a resolution that strengthens the relationship after it's done.

Level 2 Divination: Read a ruin's past to see how it came to the present day. Find out what the immediate effects of a potential disaster will be.

Level 3 Lesser Preservation: Prevent damage from completely destroying an object, leaving some part still useful. Enable a human to keep alive through the most hideous injuries.

Level 4 Lesser Creation: Sink a ship, and make it a good home for fishes. Cause a building being demolished to reveal a hidden cache of gold in one wall.

Level 5 Lesser Destruction: Destroy any ruin utterly, beyond any use. Make a spot of bad luck much worse.

Estate Correspondences


Trias is usually cheerful, even in the face of utter annhilation. S/he enjoys damaged people and places, and likes to be among them, finding ways to make their lives better, or celebrating the good parts of existence. S/he usually appears as a curly, blonde headed child of 10 or so years old, of indeterminate gender wearing a beret, skirt, and a massive leather jacket with buttons all over it. The buttons depict obsolete slogans, unused and forgotten symbols, and Alfred E Neuman.


After the nuclear contamination of Chernobyl, many of the families that once called the area home were relocated… But NOT until after they had absorbed unsafe levels of radiation.

Many of the children born after Chernobyl's fury were stillborn, or deformed in hideous ways. Three of them in particular suffered from the tragedy… But benefited, just as much.

One family had an abusive father. Originally, fate had slated the father to beat the next child in line to death, and be jailed for it. Instead, the stillbirth of the child sent him into mourning, from which he pulled the strength to become a better man, and better appreciate the family that he had. Their lives were better, for the loss of a child.

One family was the family of an influential Apparatchik. When his child was born with severe deformities, he threw his support 100% behind aiding the families of those similarly afflicted, and cleaning up Chernobyl. Without the child's suffering, the fate of the rest would have been much worse.

Another family, the Siepowskis, lost both mother and child in a stillbirth. The surviving parent, Daniel Siepowski, fled to the west and did everything he could to tell western media about the Chernobyl incident. After hearing his testimony, among those of others, aid flowed into the Soviet Union, to help the victims and the containment of the accident.

Upon the death of the Apparatchik's child in 1990, something unusual happened. The spirits of the three short-lived children fused together, and became greater than the sum of their souls. They became Trias, s/he who is Benevolent Ruin. Also sometimes called "The Silver Lining", Trias represents the idea that from any great loss, can come new benefit.

Trias is generally on good terms with the power of radiation, and tends to be cheerful, even in the face of disaster. Quite often, s/he can be found on the scene of disasters about to happen, manipulating things so that SOMEONE gains some benefit from the mishap. When not attending current disasters, s/he tends to hang out around old ruins, enjoying the quiet.


John Snopes

An archaeologist specifying in South American culture, he's currently exploring Peru. One of his discoveries, yet to be made, has a chance of seriously changing the world.

Tina Herstford

A social worker in London, Tina's seen a lot of people come and go. The lucky ones manage to make it out of poverty and drug abuse to find happiness, and she does everything she can to help them.

Aubrey Vatin

The apparatchik that bent heaven and earth to get the chernobyl survivors aid, Aubrey is now living barely above the poverty line in Minsk, selling drugs to make a living. But every now and then, the hallucinogens he brews in his basement give prophetic visions to those who imbibe them…

Notable friends and Enemies

The power of Radiation is a close friend of Trias, given their mutual interest in Chernobyl. (If radiation is a PC, then we'll see.) The power of Preservation, on the other hand, is rather disgruntled at hir on general principles.

Goals and Motivations

At this point, Trias is still figuring out what to do with hir existence. Really, when you're a power that exemplifies good in even the worst situation, it's hard to be concerned about the long-term.

Resisting the excrucians, on the other hand… That's an absolute. The Excrucians leave NOTHING behind. No ruins, nothing. They need to be stopped, before all of creation succumbs.

In the short term, Trias is looking to strengthen hir domain, assist her chancel-mates, and enjoy an existence that was denied three innocent souls.

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