The Dreaming Dark

The Dreaming Dark is what most call your Imperator, in hushed tones; there are other names, none of them (presumably) true. He, she, it, or they are a mysterious being shrouded in impenetrable secrecy. It is often said to lie perpendicular to reality, empowering Creation yet in some fundamental way not taking part therein.

What the true form of the Dreaming Dark may be is unknown (unknowable?). Creation's experience of her is cryptic and formless. A snatch of music, an omen, a divination, an inchoate nightmare; these are the things she shares with those who seek knowledge. Some impart information far clearer than they ought, by their nature. Others are maddeningly vague.

It is supposed by many that the being who pieces together the meaning of his more cryptic signs may reach an apotheosis… Of some sort. Those obsessive seekers who have pursued it furthest have, thus far, found only madness. Perhaps wisdom lays just beyond. Perhaps it does not.

Sympathetic, Soul-Twisted: The Dreaming Dark understands Creation far better than it understands them.
Corrupted Mystery Cult: There was once a Society of Seekers, a secret organization of those who had gathered the most snippets of knowledge on the Dreaming Dark; they discussed mysteries and performed strange rituals to call more wisdom to themselves. Nobody really knows where it went wrong, but new Seekers are encouraged… Strongly… To study on their own.
Heh-heh-heh: Nothing to see here.

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