His Royal Highness Takshaka, Sovereign Imperator over Clones, Nanotechnology, Superheroes, Benevolent Ruin, and Freak Shows

Takshaka is, at the moment, the youngest of the Ymera active in creation and- again for the moment!- among the least powerful. However, the wise among the Ymerae know to watch his actions- some had been doing so for Aeons before his birth. Takshaka's Estates are dynamic, shifting things, playfully dancing in and about the edges of Creation, yet rapidly driving deeper and deeper into its heart. Much like that he embodies, Takshaka too is a powerfully dynamic force. He is fascinated with the world, approaching it with a mercurial sense of play, though he is sometimes as ill tempered and petulant as any youth. Nevertheless, this streak of youthful tempestuousness and his inexperience in the deeper workings of Creation only partly obscure his deep cunning and the diamond seed of deep wisdom to be.

As for the body, those hoping to know Takshaka by his visage are hopelessly out of luck; his form is as fluid as his whims, changing to whatever he wishes it to be in the moment. Indeed, this goes far beyond normal gifts of shape shifting or elemental form; the fluidity extends to the very nature of physical reality itself, blurring the barriers between body and mind. Some speculate that this is a clue to the mystery of Takshaka's prophetic significance.

Imperator Properties:

Unshining (-1):
Takshaka is young and inexperienced. His powers have little to gain by way of inspiration in the soul shard of an Imperator who has only begun to conquer the fear and weakness in his own heart.

Bright Warding (+2 technically, but reduced to +1 by Ananda's aid):
In recognition of, and by way of compensation for, the danger his denial of the Hundred Hearts Rite to Takshaka's family puts them in, the Lord of the Fourth Age has placed a Bright Warding upon the young Serpent's familia.

Demanding (-1):
Takshaka is mercurial, obsessive, and forgetful of the differences between Ymerae and Nobilis; he can make a royal pain in the ass of himself with his changing demands.

Polished- Engineering(player-chosen specialty, such as 'genetic' or 'cybernetic') (+2):
One of Takshaka's longer-standing fascinations has been Engineering, the mortal discipline through which most of his estates have entered Earthly life. He has spent entire days studying it- a truly prodigious investment, by his flitabout standards; he has become so good at the art and science of it that skill flows through his soul shards to infuse his Nobles. Each is supremely competent at his or her chosen specialty.

Unskilled-Mortal Magic (-1):
By dint of the same unusual study, certain parts of Takshaka's spirit have been tinged with Prosaic thought; he, and those who share his soul, is baffled by the idea of magics worked without miraculous energy.

Takshaka's "Noble Miracles" Sheet

  • Aspect 1
    • 5 MP
  • Domain 2
    • 5 MP
  • Realm
    • MP
  • Spirit 3
    • 5 MP


  • Body as Mind
    • Lesser Change of Body: 6
    • Simple Miracle: -1
    • One Target: -2
    • Comprehensive: +1
    • Uncommon: +1
    • 5 points total

Total Points: 31

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