Snow White

Baroness of Freak Shows


With stems touching, on the left a glory flower (glorious beauty), in the center a scarlet poppy (fantastic extravagance) and to the right snakesfoot, for horror, against a royal purple velvet backdrop.

Miraculous Abilities

Aspect 2
Domain 1
Realm 1
Spirit 2


Durant (1 point)
Glorious (2 points)
Never Ages (1 point)



Code of the Wild

Pride - Snow White has pride in herself and no one can break or take that.

Snow White may not always look like a freak, exactly, but she never likes to go unnoticed. (2 MP's)

Snow White accords respect to outcasts and outsiders, as long as they have not done some crime to deserve such status. (1 MP's)


  • Her Estate (5)
  • Her Imperator (4)
  • Her familia (4)
  • Her Anchor (3)
  • Her hatred of Sophie Prescutti (2)
  • Her music collection (1)
  • Chocolate, particularly of the white variety (1)

Sample Miracles

Ghost Miracles

  • Create the rinkly-tinkly music of a carnival.
  • Make normal seem freakish or freakish seem normal..
  • Warp a human shadow into a freakish shape.

Lesser Divinations

Lesser Preservations

  • Make it dark forever in the dark recesses of the carnival.
  • Make temporary punk hair dye or outlandish makeup impossible to remove.

Lesser Creations

  • Cause a cow to give birth to a two-headed calf.
  • To change a murder of crows into albinos.
  • Give a conventional person the urge to dress strangely.
  • Create a bizarre new outfit.

Lesser Destructions

  • Cause an atmosphere of anomie over a street.
  • To make a child dull and unimaginative.
  • Remove a person's sense of alienation.

Major Divinations

Lesser Changes

  • Give life to a "pickled punk" (fetus in jar).
  • Cause a person to have an external parasitic twin.
  • Give a person the power of a human salamander (i.e. immune to fire).

Estate Correspondences
Drag queens, Elegant Gothic Lolitas, exhibitionist fetishists, sideshow performers and practitioners of extreme body modification, physical deformities and mutations and those who bear that stigma proudly, subjective perception of alienations and ugliness/beauty and sensationalist media centering on the above themes


Snow White has a great deal of dignity and, counter to expectations, perhaps, modesty. She knows how to act the coquette. As a mortal she had doubts, insecurities and a certain amount of self-hatred. Not so much, now. Still, it enrages her to get a social or to get ignored. She regards freaks (especially those, who, like herself, had no choice in the matter) as her children. She regards it as their birthright and privilege to exploit themselves for profit. The morbidly obese woman or amputee who exhibits herself for the delight of fetishists, for example or the man with no limbs who does not have hold down a "real job" but does acrobatic stunts for a living.


Snow White (she does not regard herself as ever having had any other name) had albinism, of a particularly rare kind. She had eyes of a particular eerie mauve-red hue, like certain rabbits. Wearing her hair down past her waist, she exhibited herself in a traveling carnival. She lived like a queen among the borderline vagrants and human monsters (of quite another kind) of that time and place.

Recently (i.e. in the last ten years as the Prosaic World measures time) she has begun to experiment with her physical form, to pierce and lace the skin of her upper back, limbs and just about every other place (excepting her face) with quills and shaped coral in intricate and symmetrical designs.


  • Little Miss Hellfire: A young woman permanently scarred by fire, she accepts what happened to her and now, with self-conscious irony, makes a living as a fire breather and juggler. Snow White accepts her as the closest things she has to a daugher.

Notable friends and Enemies


  • EuAsa The ghost of a metacity, geographically separated, yet connected by matter transmitters. Circumstances dictated its erasure from reality, not from the past of Prosaic Earth, but from its future. Snow White will occasionally drop in with EuAsa for a chat.
  • The Magpie King More of an ally than a friend, nevertheless, they have done each favors in the past. The Magpie King roosts in the branches of the World Tree and boasts the more stunning range of treasures. (He refused enNoblement to the Power of Thievery, as, if had accepted it, he would have had to have left his collection.) At the moment, Snow White possesses a priceless Fabrege Egg, which the King wants very badly. She will occasionally entice him with the possibility that one day she might give it to him.
  • Maldoror, Duke of Nihilism


  • Sophia Prescutti Sophie Prescott the acrobat (she went by a false Italian name) bargained long to gain a pair of working wings with the Regent of Air, amongst other important figures. In the process, she lost her soul, literally, soured Snow White's reputation amongst the Nobilis and managed immortality in the bargain. Consequently, she has not aged in ninety years. The Prosaic World having little use for a winged woman, except, ironically, as a freak, she lives a marginal existence, supposedly, as a hunchback.
  • Simon, Duke of Equality The opposing natures of their Estates have set Simon and Snow White against one another.

Goals and Motivations

Snow White wishes, amongst other things, to witness a freakish creature so astonishing that the sight of them even fills her with joy and/or horror. She also wishes to protect her "children" and to ensure that genetic and medical science and culture will advance to the point where only self-made freaks. For the same reasons, she loathes political correctness. She also works towards the preservation of biodiversity in the Prosaic World. Who knows what bizarre creatures live there, as yet un-molested?

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