Love's Regal



The first thing anyone notices about her is a overwhelming quality of value, for mortals gazing at her is to know that she is the most important person in the world, not abstractly but right now to each one she speaks to. She has a near constant smile, her eyes compassionate, but never quite focus on the person shes speaking to. She dresses her self in a regal uniform, the dress uniform of some admiralty that never quite existed. Fresh blood seeps through the clothes but seems to dry into their dyes. She has the slightly dark coloring of middle India, and is only 5 feet tall.

Personal Code

the Code of Sacrifice

  1. Sacrifice is the Highest Principle
  2. Suffering, choice, and consequence are the three parts of Sacrifice
  3. Something unearned is worthless


White Queen Ann's lace frames a dark red rose its thorns bloody.
They sit over a background of black with crimson drops.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 5
    • 10 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points



Glorious: Love

Meaningful gaze

Aspect 6, Local(-1), One Trick(-3), Simple Miracle (-1), Uncommon (+1), 2 point. Relena can in a breath, or a glance, or simply by her stance, communicate up to a paragraph's worth of information to a single person.


Limits: Focus

A limit of (Domain) ( +5 MP )
Each finger on left hand is graced by a ring with a different red stone or metal. From copper to ruby. Each contains one level of domain.


Restriction: Revelatory Trait

A restriction of (Domain) (+1 MP when appropriate)
She can't turn off her Glorious.

Restriction: Revelatory Trait

A restriction of (Domain) (+1 MP when appropriate)
A wound in her side bleeds constantly, the blood flowing out making her cloths are always wet to the touch with something that feels like blood, but is colored in the color the clothes are at that spot.

Restriction: Respect the Legitimate Theater

A restriction of (Domain) (+1 MP when appropriate)
May not interfere with a theatrical performance.

Restriction: Theater bond

A restriction of (Domain) (+1/2/3 MP when appropriate)
Must befriend some one who watches at least one scene of a play with her

Restriction: Cannot enter a home uninvited.

A restriction of (Domain) (+1 MP when appropriate)


  • The Sanctity of Her Estate: 5
  • The Windflower Law: 5
  • Performances of King Lear and Romeo and Juliet: 5
  • Her familia: 5

Sample Miracles

  1. Ghost Miracles - Create the sense that a toy was beloved.
  2. Lesser Divination - Know what someone loves, and what he would sacrifice for those loves.
  3. Lesser Preservation - Make someone's love of Math survive a abusive teacher.
  4. Lesser Creation - Cause someone to love that person right there.
  5. Lesser Destruction - Cause a room full of rats to hate garbage; Greater Divination - Know every memory someone has of their best friend.
  6. Lesser Change - Make someone's love for their children wax and wane with the moon; Major Preservation - Make a crush last beyond all possible rejections.
  7. Major Creation - Make the French love the color blue and refuse to where anything else.
  8. Major Destruction - Make it so no one particularly cares about music, they might still enjoy it but it doesn't matter.
  9. Major Change - Cats now love to eat their kittens.

Estate Correspondences

Love to her is the force that makes people give of them selves, to reach beyond them selves, particularly for other people. It is the mother who lifts a car to save her son, the husband who works 60 hour weeks to support his family, the refugee family turning back to find the youngest. The daughter that marries a man she hates cause it what her father wills. It is also a connected with its symbols, diamond rings, roses, (but not valentine cards or cherubs most of the time, too romancey/mushy not serious enough).


Her personality is a strange blend of the deadly serious and the trickster. She enjoys trying to play match maker with nobles and Imperators, and forcing them make sacrifices for their love. She also enjoys watching tragedies, and seeing them play out out in the real world, though she enjoys happy endings too, just as long they payed for it with blood, sweat, and tears.


Relena was a young child in India long ago, beloved by her family, when one by one each sacrificed them selves first to labor, then to slavery, to death, then torture, each time to save her, but ultimately it was pointless, she was enslaved, tortured, killed. But something in her saw the beauty of her family's sacrifice, and something else saw her see, and on her death moment she became something else.



The local warlord whose war was responsible for most of her families troubles. She keeps him in the chancel, a puppet to her whims more then a person. Over time her hatred of him has softened and in a twisted way she is grateful to him, his acts allowed her to earn her Ennoblement after all.

Notable friends and Enemies

She hates Entropy's Nobles, both because they are unpleasant and because they are closer to him then she ever will be, but she does little to express this.

Goals and Motivations

Find a way to show Entropy how much she likes the Windflower Law.
Serve her Imperator.
Protect her Familia.

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