Dominus Felix, King of the Cats, The Cat Who Walks By Himself

Ozzy is a small gray-striped tabby, his markings selected by generations of half-feral street cats to blend in perfectly with the urban detritus. He has piercing yellow eyes, and is missing a patch of fur on the end of his tail, as well as a small notch out of one ear; the remnants of his days as a street fighter.

Code of the Cat

  1. Worship is only a cat's due.
  2. Victory belongs to the swift.
  3. Leave no secret un-sniffed.


Nepeta cataria (catnip), with silver and green petals, closed, on a golden background marked with the distinct outline of a cat's four-toed pawprint.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 5
    • 5 AMP
  • Domain 1
    • 5 DMP
  • Realm 0
    • 5 RMP
  • Spirit 2
    • 5 SMP


King of the Cats

As the King, Ozzy commands at least nominal deference and obedience from any and all members of catkind, from the biggest of hunting cats to the tiniest kitten-spirit, and anything with even a touch of cat in it (such as the Sphinx, or a manticore) will grant him respect under most circumstances.


Restriction: Revelatory Trait

Always has catlike eyes, with slit pupils, yellow-green in color, and reflective.

Restriction: Must not harm birds

Having made a truce with the King of Birds (in the vain hopes of learning the secret of flight for his people), Ozzy is honor-bound not to harm any bird that flies in Creation, lest he break the pact and call terrible wrath upon his head.

Restriction: Personal Negative Imperator Property

Ozzy, after much pleading and whining about boredom, was granted his dearest wish by his irked Imperator: to always live in interesting times. Ozzy has the effects of a Bright Warding, calling the Excrucians to battle with one of the great champions of Creation.

Virtue: Indomitable

Ozzy will never give up, nor even concede defeat. So long as he breathes, he will fight on, no matter what forces are arrayed against him.


  • Cats and their provenance - 5
  • Kelly - 4
  • Satisfying his curiosity - 3
  • His word, when given - 3
  • His alliance with the birds - 2
  • His dingle ball - 1
  • His prowess in a fight - 1
  • Canned tuna (in oil) - 1

Sample Miracles

  1. Ghost Miracles - Create ghostly claw marks or the scent of cat urine
  2. Lesser Divination - Know the lineage of a given cat
  3. Lesser Preservation - Cause a scent marking to endure even repeated washings and scourings
  4. Lesser Creation - Summon an army of cats (which is precisely as useful as it sounds)
  5. Lesser Destruction - Strike a conclave of cats mute (the better to talk over them); Greater Divination - Leave a stray cat hair on someone's leg and follow it to the ends of Creation
  6. Lesser Change - Turn an alley cat into a mount fit for royalty (complete with gold frogging); Major Preservation - Forge the first truly indestructible cat
  7. Major Creation - Create a Sphinx to confound your foes with riddles (and be disappointed when they all already know the answer.)
  8. Major Destruction - Cats were never domesticated (indirectly destroying civilization after the Great Rat Plagues prevented agriculture from catching on.)
  9. Major Change - Cats now automatically align with the magnetic poles.

Estate Correspondences

Curiosity, Fuzziness, Independence, Stubbornness, Stealth, Striking from Surprise


Always willing to give it his best, Ozzy is an indomitable sort, generally quite cheerful. He rarely lets failure get him down, but he has a tendency to be easily distracted. The divine intelligence granted him by his enNoblement is utilized rarely, at best; Ozzy sticks to what he knows, and what he knows is being a cat, not a god.


Being the King of Cats is never easy. It is much harder when you are a bit of a runt, but Ozzy managed to hew out a fair-sized demesne for himself, a court that stretched from Sixth Street to Ninth.

He was the smallest of his litter, the one usually expected to die, but Ozzy was a fighter. His fierce will and utter abandon made him a scrapper to be reckoned with. He knew he was of the royal line, as his mother made it a point to tell all of her litters about her parentage. (She was a bit of a snob about it.) (Cats descend matrilineally, by the way.) When the crown fell to him, he took the task as best he could, but Ozzy wasn’t very good at leading, and cats are notoriously bad at following. It was mostly a ceremonial position, these days; all the big decisions, like who would be domesticated and who would discover fire, were all done with long ago, even by Mythic reckoning. At least, it was ceremonial until the shard of divine fire was jammed down his throat and he became the metaphysical ruler of all catkind…


Swiffin, the Prince of Birds

As part of the ongoing truce, Ozzy has taken the son of one of his ancestral enemies as an Anchor (and likewise granted one of his own children in return.) Swiffin is loud and brash, and fond of pointing out all the ways in which birds are superior to cats. He is a starling that lives in a small section of forest in northern Canada.


The young girl who fed Ozzy in the streets of New York has become his most beloved Anchor, thrilled in her teenage way to be part of something grand and mythic. Since her parents are both powerful corporate attorneys, she is not even entirely useless on the occasions that Ozzy calls upon her for something other than a can of tuna and a bit of company.


Notable friends and Enemies


A lesser demon from one of the outer circles of Hell, Czernobog (considered to be a dim-witted thug even by his own kind) was twice fooled by Ozzy and subsequently beaten to within an inch of his infernal life. While it might be argued that Czernobog deserved it, the demon nonetheless took exception to playing punching bag for a fickle feline's amusement and has long sought a means for revenge…

The King of the Birds

The Bird-Lord entered into a truce with Ozymandius in the name of bringing peace at last between cats and birds. Thus far, only Ozzy is bound by the agreement to refrain from hunting, but there are high hopes that a wider armistice can be forged…

Goals and Motivations

To the skies!

Cats have spent all the ages of the world perfecting their hunting skills, yet one arena remains just out of their reach. Those darned birds and their wings. Ozzy has a plan, a plan which will finally put those no-good flapping feather-brained tasty delicious jerks in their place. He seeks a way to bring all cats everywhere the power of flight. In service to that goal, he has made a truce with the King of Birds, claiming to seek peace after so many years of warfare between their respective tribes. This is by way of a cunning gambit, inter-species spying and sabotage, if you will. The Bird-King has no idea he's being duped, of course; no one is as subtle as cat.

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