Lord Magnus Swift Thunder

Lord Magnus Swift Thunder is not the greatest strategist, or tactician, who has ever lived, but he is no slouch. Where he truly excells is at building armies; it is this trait which brought him to attention in the age of Locus Anasazi, and this is why he was made Lord Magnus when the age of Locus Tolero began. He is intensely, deservedly, arrogant and sometimes corrosive to his few peers, though his subordinates would follow him into the depths of Hell. (They do not say "we would." They promise "we will.") To him, Gammalael's powers are his equals, and outside the chain of command of the Army of Man; he does not presume to tell them their place, and does not tolerate any tampering with his army in good grace.

Physically he is five feet tall and four feet wide. He is simply short, not stumpy, and has strongly cut muscles and legendary endurance. He has a strong face, with a large beaky nose and a sharp chin. His skin and eyes are the earthy tones typical of those native to the American Southwest; his hair is a shoulder-length wave of raven black eternally frozen in the process of going to gray. He wears a uniform with a tasteful representative sampling of the many medals he has earned. Its silver braiding has the distinctive lustre which marks it as being woven from strands of Gammalael's hair,which is itself the Army's highest honor.

Warden (3 Realm), 9 RMP

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