Locus Tolero

Locus Tolero, The Camps of the Army of Man


Gammalael was among the few Imperators to make a chancel long before the advent of the Age of Pain; she well understood the value of such a nigh-impregnable redoubt. That said, her chancel is not particularly ancient, for the current one is the third of its kind.

Locus Masada was the first; a massive fortification upon an unassailable plateau in the harsh deserts which were Humanity's first home after Eden. It stood for centuries before the Dark fell upon it in overwhelming force. In the face of crushing tactical defeat, Gammalael was forced to abandon it and all its defenders. Of them all, only the Last Man Standing himself survived; all else was shattered and the walls cast down, but Gammalael escaped before her fixed position could be used as the hammer to the Dark's anvil.

Recovering from unalloyed tactical defeat is the last and harshest lesson of strategy, but recover she did. Seventeen desperate years later, Gammalael built a new fortification in the recently made New World, upon another high plateau guarded by the fearsome Anasazi; this one not merely fortified but well hidden. Here she rested for millennia as she healed the wounds of Masada and far more than replaced her losses in personnel and material. In this age she allowed her nobles their whim as they built their power in her service.

Any stratetician knows no entrenchment can last forever, though. Finally it was time to resume the offensive, and so fifty-seven years ago Gammalael broke Locus Anasazi, taking her power from that place and instilling it instead in the inhabitants and their things. No longer would she be tied to one place… Instead her locus of power would travel with her as she ventured out to conquer.


The Camps, properly Locus Tolero, is a place carried through the cracks and secret byways of the world on the backs of its Chancelfolk and their trucks. The chancel consists of over a million soldiers and all the many things they need to make war. When the Camps arrive at a new place, entire industrial complexes, farms, places for families to live, even places of leisure and enjoyment spring from the ground by the sweat upon millions of backs; when they leave, there is only trampled dirt to mark their passage. The chancel's only weakness is that, though its secret ways will take it anywhere in Creation in but two days, when the Army of Man has made its Camps they are fully within the World, open to attack.

The openness of the camps hardly makes them vulnerable, for the Army of Man which is the true bearer of this place's magics is mighty indeed. Though for the most part they are simple soldiers, empowered by their numbers, somewhere in the army there is a unit to suit every need, from jet-fighters to trained dragons, from elite commandos with enchanted rifles to the Knights of the Silver Tail with their mighty steeds and corruscating plasma-lances. The greatest heroes of this vast force are legends throughout creation.


Lord Magnus Swift Thunder


  • Realm scores- -3 points
  • Erus (Force Commander)- -3 points
  • Mobile (over about 2 days)- 3 points
    • Much cheaper than standard because it takes time and WHY is mobile so expensive? It's not that much better than Convenient.
  • Open- -2 points
    • Wherever the Camp goes, there it is. (Though stray mortals are prevented wandering in by simple magics)
  • Many Beings with Earthly Magics, some with actual Miraculous power- 5 points
    • Tactical Intelligence Scryers, Manufacturing Adepts, inhuman logistical officers, and various other of the ilk keep the entire army running like the sort of well oiled machine no mortal one has been, ever. Better yet, a number of elite squads boast not only offensive magics but true miraculous might. (Note, not all of this is really "magic"; much, though not all, of it is simply preternatural acumen)
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