Julius Irae


Aspect: 3
Domain: 1
Realm: 0
Spirit: 2


Immortal - Julius' nature as something created from Void instead of Matter renders him essentially immune to pretty much everything in Creation that's based on reducing something from a physical form to nothingness. Gunfire, car crashes, nuclear radiation, etc. Between that, Nobility, and his hardcore survivalist-type Estate, Death has him at the bottom of the "To-Do" list.
Unblemished Guise 1 - His backwards design has transferred over into his Nobility slightly. Other Nobles find it unusually and inexplicably difficult to spot him among the crowds - one reason that he will eventually be the Last Man Standing.


The Irae Code:

Freedom is the highest principle.
Sanity is for the Matter-Born.
Ensure one's presence at the Last Battle.

Visible: Julius' Nobility helps him conceal his peculiar origins, but prolonged use of Noble power causes them to bleed through into his appearance. The pupils and irises of his eyes might turn solid white while the "whites" turn bright blue with gold sparks, or something similar.

Revelatory Trait: Shamelessly Wrong Physiology. Anyone who subjects him to in-depth testing will find that nothing in his body works like normal people's bodies. His eyes refract light differently, his ears are built differently, his skin doesn't work the same way, and he doesn't always think the same way as everyone else, either. The most poetic issue he has blending in with others is that when he cries, it's always blood.

Narrow Estate: Julius' Estate is connected to survival and destiny, but little else. He can determine who will be left in a battle, though he won't always know why. He can figure out who will win in a court case, or he can point out which star will last longer than its neighbors. His preservation miracles enhance the survivability of an idea or individual, creation usually overrides the intended destiny of something or someone and gives it a tremendous boost towards being the ultimate survivor.

Heart of Destruction: Julius has a heart like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, his heart does not beat and never has. It acts like a heart in sustaining his bizarre physiology, but there's one ultimate problem with it: it also sustains tiny amounts of antimatter in the clear oily fluid that passes for his blood. If he's ever made to bleed, some of it may escape and cause catastrophic problems for everyone around him. He believes that if he somehow is killed, his heart will expand with as much force as a star exploding - after all, when everyone else dies, their hearts slow and stop (or just rapidly decay, in the instance of vampires). What will happen when the antimatter-circulating Noble heart of a very old and very weird entity is destroyed? Though through some kind of cosmic peculiarity, attempts to harvest his blood to create superweapons don't work - he tried it a couple of times and failed. He doesn't know why, but he suspects some kind of unconscious wiring in his psyche that he can't root out is behind it.


Phuong Tranh: She was a courtier to the King of Vietnam but was violently changed into a vampire centuries ago. Julius encountered her when traveling through Hanoi a long time ago and fell in love. A near-catastrophe involving the antimatter in his blood and Tranh's near-destruction led to him discovering that the stuff in his veins can destroy buildings, while his tears can feed vampires and create Anchors. She sometimes helps him with his issues, while his grasp of ultimate survival helps her build a powerful tight-knit group within Hanoi's vampiric and human communities.

Dr. Rudolf Munch: An important Swiss-born EU researcher in the antimatter field, Julius has a peculiar loathing for Munch based on his area of study and various features of his personality. Even Julius doesn't have a good explanation for it - he just has this deep-seated feeling that the man shouldn't be tinkering with antimatter. He doesn't have this hate for other researchers - just Munch. And he can't figure out why.


Ensuring his survival: 5
The sanctity of his Estate: 4
Phuong Tranh: 3
Dr. Rudolf Munch: 3
Violent struggles for survival and victory (UFC, war, predator-prey relationship): 3
The concept of physical endurance: 1
Antimatter research in general: 1


Millenia ago, Julius was the creation of a hip, modern angel - hence his peculiar Latin name. The angel experimented to see if it was possible to improve on the basic human template. Unfortunately, the other angels disagreed - while Julius has the ability to create art and beauty, the violently destructive nature of his life's blood was not in keeping with Heavenly standards of anything. Still, the angel conspired to let his creation loose instead of killing it and eventually forgot Julius existed. His later enNoblement by another Imperator has gone unnoticed by that angel, and even Julius doesn't remember which angel did it. If he sees the angel again he'll know, but he doesn't see many of them.

Since then, he's wandered all over the planet doing all sorts of things. When he gained the Gift of Tongues, he barely noticed it - he already spoke a medley of languages that could get him from Sri Lanka to Finland to Siberia without people taking too much notice of him. He's a little cracked from his long life, alien nature and clear sense of his ultimate destiny. The last one doesn't make him insane, but it does make him unconcerned about a lot of the things that everyone else worries about, which make everyone else think he's nuts. These days, he favors dark clothes, wide-brimmed hats, a handlebar mustache and a pair of Colt Navy revolvers - he played the part of Wild Bill Hickok in a lot of Western shows in the late 19th century and decided he liked the outfit.

On The Family:

Bane: Regardless of what some of the others think, the Predator Lord will be a useful ally in battles to come. Bloody-minded and hateful thoughts are no nevermind to an Immortal specializing in survival. With time and maybe a little extra impetus in a couple of directions, Bane will redirect some of his hate away from humans and towards something worth hating. Julius regards Bane as a work in progress, but one with good potential.

Cipher: A dedicated Excrucian-tracker and strategist par excellence will be a tremendous strategic asset. The more enemy leaders and thinkers eliminated before the Last Battle, the greater the likeliness of entities other than Julius surviving it. Julius has little personal connection to her, though - she's a number-cruncher, not a front-liner.

Jack: Apart from his raw skill in battle, Jack is a useful sort to have around. Like Bane, his moral compass is easy to figure out and not difficult to work with. Plus, his advanced truth-telling knack will undoubtedly make him a good interrogator and fact-checker - always good when looking for targets or determining where the next threat is coming from. Julius harbors a sense of amusement about Jack, though - the kid isn't even into his hundreds yet.

Sengbe: Younger even than the other kids in the Familia, Sengbe has one of the most potentially powerful Estates anywhere. Space and time are what keep everything from happening all at once in the same place, and he who knows their measures will be wise beyond all counting, even if he can't mess with them directly. Julius has a vaguely older-brother attitude towards Sengbe - leaving aside the fact he's millenia older than everyone except Nath, he believes Sengbe will be a tremendous asset who is not yet aware of his potential strength. His connections to Space and Time will undoubtedly be useful when determining various elements related to the Last Battle.

Nath: Julius sees Nath as the playful younger brother of the two of them. He's the only real peer Julius has in the Familia - others are just as strong or stronger than him, but nobody else is as old. Nath is the only other Noble of the lot who can remember Alexander the Great's death as front-page news and when Pompeii still had a syphilis problem. Nath is good to have around because he can get Julius' jokes and because he's sneaky - thousands of years of practice at lifting things ensures that he'll be good at ensuring things go the Familia's way.

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