Dominus Nox

Joseph, Shepherd of the Flocks of Night, Guide to the Realms of Dream

His skin is so dark as to be almost violet, and his hair is equally black. Only his white, friendly eyes have any light of their own- not the starry vistas of the Dark Horsemen, but the half-mad pearlescence of the Moon. He wears rumpled robes of rough material, and carries a crook much larger than himself made of some unknown wood. Around his neck is a rough stone mandala on a leather thong. He holds out his hand, offering to guide you to the place where the secret wishes you once threw away are waiting still.

Code of the WIld

  1. Freedom is the highest principle.
  2. Sanity and mundanity are prisons.
  3. Give in kind with a gift received.


Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 1
    • 5 Aspect Miracle Points
  • Domain 2
    • 7 Domain Miracle Points
  • Realm 0
    • 5 Realm Miracle Points
  • Spirit 0
    • 5 Spirit Miracle Points


Veil of Night

Joseph can hide any object or quality beneath a web of illusion.

Dark Heart

Joseph is a void into which power flows, allowing him to absorb energy of any type.


Joseph can take the form of anything that is black.



Joseph can instantly appear anywhere on the night side of the Earth, or anywhere on the Moon or the dream realms.


Focus: the Black Crook

(Contains Domain 2, Shapeshifting, and Teleportation, +2 DMPs)

Joseph's shepherd's crook is the symbol of his authority over dreams, and grants that power to anyone who happens to hold it.



Sunlight renders Joseph somnolent and distracted.


  • his own freedom to do as he wishes: 4
  • the santity of his Estate: 3
  • his role as shepherd of young and dreaming things: 3
  • humanity's freedom to act out its impulses: 3
  • the Power of Nightmares: 3
  • his herd of black sheep and silver goats: 2
  • the Black Crook: 1

Sample Miracles

Lesser Divination of Night:

  • know the contents of someone's dreams.
  • know the parts of a person's being that their conscious mind represses.
  • know the secrets a person refuses to admit to themselves.

Estate Correspondences

Joseph controls the Night, which includes both the physical force of darkness and the metaphysical "shadows" cast by consciousness. Joseph's magic can control dreams and subconscious impulses- the parts of the mind that are poorly understood by the awakened understanding.


Joseph, the Shepherd of Night, is the keeper of the dark side of experience, the patron of impulse, whimsy, and the ruler of the Jungian "shadow-self". He encourages mortals to act on their whims and secret desires rather than be constrained by social convention. His favorite hobby, however, is leading young children off onto dangerous adventures, from which they may or may not return. It is not safe to put your trust in the Night, though it is often rewarding.


Joseph is eternally young (although he can and does take older forms for short periods when it suits him), but he has been young for quite some time now. His precise history is not public knowledge, and he claims never to have known the important parts himself. His Imperator claimed him as a baby, and allowed him to roam free on the Earth for a time before awakening him to the true nature of his responsibilities. Joseph regards his work with a childlike seriousness but rarely finds himself called upon to do anything particularly difficult in furtherance of his Estate.



Goals and Motivations

Joseph's primary hobby is driving humans to understand the things about themselves that they fear and repress. His idea of a fun game is to transform a human into the opposite of everything they thought they were, without "cheating" by overriding their actual will through magic.

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