Jack Diamond

Viscount of Truth

Johnathon "Jack" Diamond

First Impression Text

Personal Code

Code of the Wild

1. Freedom is the highest principle.
2. Sanity and Mundanity are prisons.
3. Give in kind with a gift recieved.


An open six petalled white flower with swordlike leaves alternating along the stem entwined with a closed silver flower with five unjoined notched petals, and thorns on the stem. All against the background of a crescent moon with the darkened area blue.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 5
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 2
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points




Cannot Enter a Home Uninvited
Revelatory Trait (Mortals cannot directly lie in his presence)
Summonable (Cannot be Bound)
Virtue: Honorable


  • 4 The sanctity of his Estate
  • 4 People's freedom to make choices
  • 3 His ability to right wrongs with his powers as a Noble
  • 3 His Familia Caelestis
  • 2 His Imperator
  • 2 His success in his duties as a Noble
  • 2 His Anchor and lover, Madeline

Estate Description

His Estate governs, very specifically, subjective truth. What people believe to be true. Thus a Divination allows him to know everything a particular person or group believes to be true, a Preservation allows him to preserve such ideas even in the face of persuasion, brainwashing, and other miracles. A Creation allows him to create a specific truth in someone’s mind, a Destruction allows him to get rid of such, and a Change allows him to change it from one thing to another. Self-deceptions are not Truths by the Estate’s definition. Due to his beliefs in free will, Jack is very reluctant to use Creations, Destructions, or Changes, and even a bit wary of Preservations. He has absolutely no problems with Divinations, however.

This can, theoretically, effect reality, but only inasmuch as any other method of convincing people of things.

It is worth noting that statements (whether aloud or in print) are separate entities from their creator once made, though what they believe is true is based directly on what their creator believes. This doesn’t matter much for mortals, but it does allow him to divine whether statements made by Nobles were believed to be true when they were made. Note that this is still a lot less comprehensive than the full picture of all an individual’s internal truths he can get on non-Nobles.

Yes, I did just define that that way specifically to allow lie-detection on Nobles to work despite their direct-Miracle immunity. Why? Because, quite frankly, there are clearly ways to detect Nobles lying (the Honorable Imperator property allows it, for example. As well as the Soul Twisted Imperator property preventing it-which, btw, should still work on Jack’s divinations) and if the Power of Truth can’t do so there’s something wrong.

Sample Miracles

Estate Correspondences



Jack Diamond (obviously not his real name) was born in 1920, he grew up reading pulp detective stories and decided to be a PI. World War II delayed that a bit, but he served with distinction, and eventually realized his boyhood dream after the war, proceeding to lead a highly, and unusually, exciting life, and attracting the attention of the then Power of Truth. He became an Anchor in 1949, after which his life got significantly weirder. In 1951, the Duke of Truth died, and his Imperator decided upon Jack as a replacement. He’s been serving the Estate ever since, as well as having hair raising adventures, helping people out as a slightly mad good Samaritan or knight in shining armor (usually not literally), and just generally clearly having a great time.


His sole current Anchor is his lover and general assistant, Madeline Hendricks. She’s totally in the know about Noble society, and has been extensively trained in a variety of areas, from martial arts to cooking, to record keeping, to obscure Noble etiquette. He’s basically used Exemplar level training techniques on her for over a decade, both to help her survive and just in case she needs to do what he did and one day take over the Estate. He’s never said he loves her, but the affection’s really quite obvious. People have been known to ask, covertly, if he doesn’t fear the Locust Court. He smiles and replies that he has a plan. It is also worth noting that the two would appear to have an open relationship, with both seeking other lovers on a semi-regular basis.

Opinions on Familia

Bane is actually pitied. Jack sees in him someone who was once noble, worn down by time and tragedy to a truly pitiful state. He has not voiced these particular thoughts, as he would prefer not to invoke Bane's ire any more than necessary. However broken he considers Predator's Regal internally, he is well aware of the creature's formiddable external power.

Cipher is actually well-liked by by Jack. If considered a bit too serious for her own good. He both admires her commitment, and finds it difficult these days to, say, find someone to actually compete at strategy games with, and Cipher's one of the few who can. He's also a helpful, adventurous, sort, and has on more than one occasion since her curse volunteered to serve her as a field operative on some mission or other.

Julius Irae is something of an enigma to Jack. He likes him well enough, but the differences in experience and personality make things a bit cooler than Jack might like (he's a friendly sort of guy).

Hari Nath is the older brother Jack never had before his Ennoblement but does now. The two get along famously, with Jack considering the Monkey King as easily his closest friend among his Familia. His obvious fondness for Madeline only adds to this.

Sengbe Cinqué is, like Cipher, well liked, but considered to take things far too seriously. Helping people is, after all, something that Jack well understands, and approves of completely, as is rebellion against injustice. Jack has almost certainly volunteered his (quite considerable) resources to help with such projects.

Notable friends and Enemies

Jack is too nice a guy to make too many personal enemies (though Powers of Hell and the Dark tend not to like him on principle). He's got quite a few friends of various sorts, but doesn't seem particularly close to any of them.

Goals and Motivations

Jack's a nice guy. He wants to help people, make the world a better place, defend it from Excrucians and other threats, and to have as much fun as possible while doing all of that.

Previous Estate Holders

I like the idea of Truth being a more ephermal Estate than all these ones of long standing that you all seem to have, so that's how it will be. Powers of Truth usually last a couple hundred years, but rarely longer. Jack will be the 11th Power of Truth that Hari Nath has known.

As a note, as part of their Estate's power all Powers of Truth know everything about all their predecessors, though in a cold, impersonal way, leaving their own internal truths unaffected.

I. Beautiful Truth ?-3619 A.F.

A Power of Heaven, Inferno and Marchessa. Like all Heavenly (and a few non-Heavenly) Powers of Truth since, she had white, angelic wings, and could fly with them. A somewhat self-righteous fanatic and evangelist in Heaven's cause. Slain in a duel with a Power of Hell.

II. Truth's Regal Abhijat 3619 A.F.-1803 A.P.

A once Buddhist monk and devotee of the Light, who believed all Truth was relative, and men should be led towards a better path. He was also a Realm's Heart and Hearthfire, with Eternal and Teleportation. He preferred trickery as a method of leading towards Truth. Slain by an Excrucian Warmain Shard defending a member of his Familia.

III. Viscount Lugh Sweet-tongue 1803 A.P.-2048 A.P.

A celtic bard and warrior he was of Celestial Aspect, as well as a Radiant and Hearthfire. He was also Durant and, like Beautiful Truth a Power of Heaven with wings and the gift of flight. He was a much nicer, more fun loving guy than his Heavenly predecessor however, serving Heaven joyously. He eventually died peacefully of old age.

IV. Marchessa Bright-Claw 2048 A.P-2121 A.P.

A Power of the Wyld and Ennobled Lioness, she possessed Inhuman Aspect, and was an Incandescent Flame. She remembered Abhijat's Teleportation trick as well. She was a longtime companion and Anchor of Lugh's and the start of the tadition of passin one's shard on to an Anchor. She was reckless and died in a fight with two Powers of the Dark in service to her Imperator's code.

V. Viscount Aegidius 2121 A.P.-2564 A.P.

Aegidius was a greek philosopher, orator, and devotee of the Light. He was of Legendary Aspect, a Incandescent Flame's power and was a Radiant. Like many other Powers of Truth he was winged and could fly, as well as posessing the Gifts Immutable and Durant. He eventually died peacefully of old age.

VI. Arvell Hard-heart, Truth's Pawn 2564 A.P.-2688 A.P.

A killer, mercenary, hunter, and devotee of Hell. He was a hated Anchor of Aegidius who was Anchored because he never lied. He was an Exemplar and an Incandescent Flame, with the Gifts Durant and Teleportation. He made few friends even among the Familia, was ever a loner at heart, and died in an ill-considered battle with a Peregrine Bear.

VII. Marchessa Antonia 2688 A.P.-2937 A.P.

A Roman whore before her Ennoblement, Antonia did very well for herself as a Noble and devotee of the Wyld, being charming, and relentlessly good at all social interactions. She was possessed of a Legendary Aspect, as well as Realm's Heart and Hearthfire. She was also Immutable. She died defending her Anchor and lover Victoria from a Power of the Dark. Victoria was ennobled immediately and avenged her.

VIII. Duchess Victoria Truth-speaker 2937 A.P.-4022 A.P.

The Duchess was a follower of the Wyld and easily the most powerful individual to ever wear the mantle of Truth, with, by the time of her death, a Celestial Aspect, the power of a Sunfire, Teleportation, Flight, and Immortality. Originally an Anchor and lover of her predecessor, she quickly became a legend, indestructible beautiful, and well-liked by all. Her death was demanded as an example by the Locust Court as one of the first breakers of the Windflower Law.

IX. Viscount Claude Renaud 4022 A.P. -4470 A.P.

A minor french nobleman, he served the estate with distinction as a follower of the Wyld for nearly 500 years. He was of Inhuman Aspect and an Incandescent Flame, as well as being Durant, Immutable and capable of both Flight and Teleportation. He died of old age.

X. Duke Alexander Mason 4470 A.P. -4950 A.P.

A soldier in the Revolutionary War and fervent American patriot. He was orignally a loved Anchor of his predcecessor. He was of Inhuman Aspect, a Radiant and a Hearthfire. He was a devotee of the Code of the Light, and Eternal, though lacking in other gifts. A fun-loving adventurer, he Anchored Jack and died heroically defending a group of innocents from an Excrucian attack, and drug a full Deciever down with him.

Note: Jack possesses wings, but as an Exemplar needs no gift to fly.

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