Inesphriel is one of the few Angels who serves neither the Bright nor Shadowed realms; instead she has heard the call of the Wild. It is said that she once pursued an uncovered Deceiver far beyond the Weirding Wall, hoping to destroy the enemy in its nakedness before it had the chance to build a new guise. The Dark Horseman perished, but the chase took Inesphriel to lands the Children of Creation, Imperial though they might be, were not meant to tread.

Ineshpriel has become fey since, spending much of her time treating with the strange beasts of Beyond and almost none incarnate. She has fundamentally altered herself, aligning her Estates crosswise and choosing Nobles whose natures will cause them to select opposing codes.

Rumor has it that Inesphriel has even begun to mutter blasphemies- talk of a new Creation in the Lands Beyond. Unsurprisingly, some wonder if it was truly the Deceiver who perished in the Lands Beyond. Still, her aid and that of her Powers was instrumental in the battle of Cor Nox, so the powers of the Dreaming Dark at least harbor fewer suspicions.


Tenephrel is an entire minor World, halfway from Heaven to Hell, claimed as Inesphriel's Chancel. Needless to say, claiming it was regarded as an act of staggering hubris even for an Angel. Inesphriel is a world composed almost entirely of the elements Air and Fire, or prosaically, a gas giant with a hot core and a clear, windy atmosphere. Its inhabitants live in floating airship cities in the slender zone between the hot, crushing depths and the cold, irradiated heights.

Tenephrel is intensely difficult to reach directly, but it has been made to open into the Cityback and (in the capital, the only city large enough to boast a 43rd street) Mary Shenk's apartment-block Realm. (Both, like other chancels without a Realm Gate, normally open only onto Earth). None of the current powers of the Dreaming Dark have ever been there in person.


Adam Galliard, Light power of Succession

An old French-Canadian man, once top provincial official of Quebec. He was too full of his mortal self to integrate Nobility well, but powerful enough of ego to survive the Society of Flowers nonetheless. He's the center of the strange rumours you've been hearing lately; by the usual calendar of Inesphriel's rituals, he ought to be dead.

Schtisphethetel, Hellish power of Maggots

Schtisphethetel would have others believe it has always been a sentient colony of maggots; the truth is, it was once a mortal like most other Sovereigns, but finds this insufficiently hideous for its station. Schtisphethetel is Hellish to the core, to an almost puerile degree; less charitable peers are fond of noting that its attempts to disgust others are much like those of a five-year-old boy who has found something gross on the playground. Of course, said boy could not cause squirming things to gnaw their way out of your eyballs…

Yang Xiao, Heavenly power of Fireworks

Yang Xiao is an old Chinese woman born ages ago; why she was chosen for her station is hard to say, though she is without doubt of roughly the same vintage as the estate itself. She is as Heavenly as any Noble comes- she passes through Creation with a slight smile on her face, spreading beauty and happiness.

Yang is not a favorite of the locust courts; she has been convicted of violating the Code multiple times, often for being so obliging of children's requests that it offends the Rule of Man ("Treat no Beast as your Lord"), but also for being careless of Dementia Animus. She has not, however, earned a final punishment, and her serenity renders torture unsatisfying.

Ebbard Samson, Dark power of Firearms

Ebbard Samson was a gunsmith in the American colonies circa the French and Indian war, but that is long behind; he was EnNobled more or less at random, but has served well. He has forgotten Humanity, mostly, save as the target of his Dark ire. EBbard has a large stable of international arms dealers for anchors; he loves their work, yet hates them all, as he hates all humanity. He has little trouble replacing them.

(name unknown), anchor of Firerarms

This fellow is a tall, powerfully built Londoner, from the working class. He's pale, usually sunburnt, and bald-headed. He's relatively foul-mouthed, but capable of some surprising erudition. He has, unsurprisingly, a tense working relationship with his lord and master.

He greeted the Familia of the Dreaming Dark at 43rd street and has been their guide since.

John St. John Smythe-Smith, Wild Power of Dynamic Tensions

J.S.J.S.S. (he chose it himself…) is at once staid and Wild, in a way often characterized as 'gently mental.' In manner and dress he could be an accountant, yet reality seems to melt a little around him. Mortals often find themselves trading jokes with him in languages they certainly don't know.

J.S.J.S.S. is relatively safe to know, for a Noble and a Wild one at that, except when he isn't, whereupon he is unusually dangerous to know. This reflects his estate, which produces a remarkbly fruitful balance in many cases and spectacular disaster in others.

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