Hari Nath

Hari Nath, The Monkey King, Pandemonium's Lord

A short, slight, unassuming man with a monkey on his shoulder weaves deftly through the Carnival throngs, observing all yet seemingly untouched by the chaos around him. His only response is an enormous, unforgettable grin that flashes whenever he sees a particularly outlandish costume or an amusing caper.

Estate Pandemonium, Secondary estate monkeys

A note on the estate of Pandemonium:

Pandemonium, in this case, is used as a synonym for "Chaos." I chose this particular synonym because its connotations best express exactly what kind of "chaos" he embodies. Pandemonium is the state of affairs where far too many things are going on at once; it can be noisy, dangerous, and confusing, but it's also descriptive of all the best celebrations, and- at least in his opinion- it's the situation that best reveals the content of a mortal soul. It's distinct from chaos as in chaos theory, entropic chaos, the strategic situation of a civil war, etc.

A note on name:

Any proper name is a matter of purely historical interest. For all intents and purposes, practical or otherwise, his titles are his name. The Hari Nath ("The Lord of Monkeys") is the one most often used this way; simply "Nath" is appropriate address from suboordinates and respectful peers. Opposed peers and superiors usually have little trouble devising their own epithets.

A note on age:

The death of the Most Ancient Lord is 3500 years ago, or about 1495BC, after converting Heavenly Calendar dates from the time line at the back of the book. His chancel was created 1391 years before that, or about 2886 BC. The Hari Nath was born in 1518 BC.

Personal Code:

Code of Joy
1: Beauty in action is the highest virtue
2: Coercion denies virtue
3: Conformity and mundanity murder the soul


Aspect 0
5 Permanent Miracle Points

Domain 4
8 Permanent Miracle Points
Secondary Domain 4

Realm 0
5 Permanent Miracle Points

Spirit 0
5 Permanent Miracle Points

Notable non-miraculous ability: trained in earthly illusion magic
Notable non-miraculous ability: master staff fighter


Shape Shifting (1 CP)
The Monkey King can assume the form of his subjects to better work mischief.

Immortal (6 CP)
Death, Injury, and Imprisonment owe great oaths to the Hari Nath. He cannot be killed, save by a very few things. He is terribly difficult to injure, wounds fade from his body as if from the surface of water, and no magical, physical, or spiritual bonds- no matter how clever- can hold him long.

Thieves Hands (2 CP)
The Hari Nath learned the thief's craft at the hands of the great Anansi himself. He can stealthily snatch and hide anything he can lift, even if it's bolted down, even if it's clenched in his victim's hands, even if it's supposed to be part of his victim…
((Based on a level 7 aspect miracle + 2 points penetration: 9 - 3 (hard) -2 (single target) -3 (one trick) + 1 (not common) ))


Focus: Wooden Necklace (+1 MP)
The Hari Nath wears a necklace of carved wooden beads. Each depicts one species of monkey, and every species is represented. It is through this that he exercises his control over the estate of Monkeys, and draws a bit of additional power besides. If the necklace were lost, so would be the power.

Small Estate (+2 DMP)
"Monkeys" means exactly that. No apes, small ugly people, or rambunctious children included.

((I made it half the usual value since it's only a secondary estate.))


India: 3 Points
The welfare of monkeys: 3 points
Carnaval: 2 points
The Festival La Tomatina: 1 point
Burning Man: 1 point
Día de los Muertos: 1 point
His pet monkey, Kuvasana: 2 points
Generally, a collection of mementos from bygone ages: 2 points
Specifically, an earring he lifted off Anansi: 2 points
Fireworks: 1 point
The many graves of dead relatives, anchors, and pets: 2 points


Anita Garibaldi dos Santos

Anita dos Santos is an impish 20 something, petit and aerodynamically curvaceous. She is a native of Rio de Janeiro, and met Nath while he was perpetrating a particularly raucous Carnival parade. They hit it off quite well, and have a loving, open, relationship. She has an advanced chemistry degree and cheerily turns her powers to the type of evil her liege gets up to so frequently.


The man now known as the Hari Nath was born under the name Ajhanak Singh in ancient times, in the land of India. More properly, he was born in Locus India, the abode of the Most Ancient Lord. The Noble responsible for ordering the everyday life of the chancel decreed that he would be of lowest noble caste, the one responsible for providing bureaucrats and military officers. Thus, he grew up and entered a pampered, but rather unfulfilling life as a regional sub-administrator.

Then the world ended. Or at least, the one he'd always known. The Most Ancient Lord fell in the Valde Bellum, and Locus India was plunged catastrophically back into Earth. As the Chancel energies unraveled the magical inhabitants of the realm weakened and died, great wonders built by magic means crumbled, diseases banished by miracles stalked the population again, and the pacts between man and beast were voided. New borders opened to the north and east, some of them on rapacious empires. Worst of all for the inhabitants, the core ruling class of Nobles, Eri, and Anchors had their minds shattered. The realm exploded into chaos and destruction.

In this post-apocalyptic landscape, Singh was one of the few who thrived. He traveled the countryside, alone and unnoticed, watching events as they unfolded. Though he was appalled by the destruction, he took great joy in observing those who did right in these times of chaos, showing great nobility and heroism. When warlords and minor princes began to reestablish order, he was displeased to see that many of them did so in a terrible manner- order for its own sake, or for their own gain, without any gain to their subjects. Oppression was replacing anarchy. He decided to do something about that.

He soon became a famous rebel. Leading a small force of like-minded individuals, he would infiltrate himself into the offending landlord's territory and covertly lay down an elaborate network of traps, sabotage, and sympathizers. When the time came to strike, he would activate dozens of simultaneous attacks and distractions at once, causing such abject pandemonium that his core force could infiltrate the oppressor's stronghold with little interference.

He became so widely known for his disruptive tactics that he was chosen to become the Power of Pandemonium. At his Commencement, he vacillated for a time between the calls of Heaven and Wild, finally settling on a personal code that incorporated elements of both. Unfortunately, not everything went so well. Because he was born of Locus India, his mortal essence could not integrate the spiritus dei of another Imperator than the Most Ancient Lord. His body and spirit remained of mortal quality, and his soul rejected his new lord's chancel. For all that his mind was clever and his domain over his Estate strong, he was a weak Noble.

The Duke of Pandemonium set out to change that. With his Imperator's blessing, he went in turn to the Powers of Death, Injury, and Imprisonment. To each he pledged 100 years of service. In exchange, each would play his part in a ritual which would make Pandemonium's Lord immortal. Eager to see Pandemonium's full power unleashed upon their enemies, each agreed. The magic was worked, and he served out his three centuries of service. The first few decades passed slowly, but his perspective on time shifted, and it was over soon enough by an immortal's lights.

Next, he made his way to Africa, and sought out a legend among legends. Anansi had been the Regal Power of Tricksters and Thieves since near the beginning of time, and just a hundred years before had stolen the estate of Stories from one of his brothers caelestia. Again, Pandemonium promised a hundred years of service; in return, he was to be taught thievery. Again, it was agreed. Twice he was tricked into renewing his term of servitude, but the two chaotic powers got along so splendidly that Pandemonium hardly minded. When he finally escaped, 253 years later, he was the fifth best thief on all of Earth.

Finally, he made the coup that he had been planning toward for most of those centuries. He had always loved monkeys- they were simple, honest beasts that, for their small size, could get up to an inordinate amount of mischief and confusion; he had often released troops of them as part of his disruption techniques. Sadly, their Noble- the power of Primates- was a foul creature who served Hell. Every year, he further emphasized the worst parts of their nature, making them more destructive and unsanitary. One thing offered hope, and an opportunity for Pandemonium to gain personal power, though- in order to increase his miraculous reserve, this Hellish servent had invested much of his Estate into a set of unusual foci…

For one year Pandemonium laid strategum upon sabotage upon trap upon traitor, and at the end of that year he unleashed them all at once, fueling them with every bit of miraculous power available to him. For 13 days, the chancel of Primates' Ymerus erupted in abject chaos; not even the Imperator himself could regain control. Amidst it all, nobody ever noticed an unassuming little scrap of a Power striding boldly in. Two days later, he brushed up against Primates in the crush of a riot. In a single second he untangled that Powers' beaded necklace from matted fur, mortal essence, and immortal spirit and slipped it off. It disappeared into Pandemonium's sleeve, and he slipped out of the crowd long before a tribe of brutal gorillas arrived on scene to suppress the violence.

He had literally stolen the estate of Monkeys, and assumed it by slipping on that necklace. It is said that the newly reduced Power of Apes and Lemurs did not even realize his loss for three days. That Noble was replaced soon after by two more competent defenders of the newly divided domain; to ice the cake on the newly self-coronated Hari Nath's victory, neither answered the call of the Fallen Angels. He was hunted for an age, but always managed to escape (being immortal helped greatly in this, of course). Eventually, his pursuers gave up the chase from pure fatigue; their Ymerus reasoned that, at the least, his estate was in competent and loving hands.

Since then, the Hari Nath has laid relatively low, staying out of the affairs of his Noble peers and focusing his efforts on the mortal realm. There are only so many ant's nests even an immortal can afford to stir up per millenium…

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