Domina Cerna, Power of Resolve

Watchfulness and remembrance
A single blue violet with a pair of supporting rosemary flowers

Aspect 5 (Exemplar), 8 AMPs
Domain 0 (Pawn), 5 DMPs
Realm 0 (Citizen), 5 RMPs
Spirit 1 (Hearthfire), 5 SMPs

Alchemy 1 (Practitioner), Uses AMPs

Eye for an Atlas
Healing Touch
Scaling Gift
Shapeshifting (any sort of elm tree)
Elemental (able to become a memetically-transferring belief)
Unblemished Guise (Penetration 2)

Restriction: Cannot kill
Restriction: Clearly visible even in darkness
Virtue: Discreet
Affiliation: Code of the Light (with Fervent Imperator)


  • Shinjou Heishichirou Tomoyuki, an Anchor (4)
  • Green and growing things (4)
  • her relationship with her Familia (3)
  • the sanctity of her Estate (3)
  • Zen philosophy, specifically that of the no-mind (2)
  • Organizations dedicated to ending world hunger (2)
  • the inhabitants of the Fire Isles (2)

Ebba was created as the root of a world. A miniature copy of the world tree, to nourish, support, and protects all the worlds inhabitants. Then, the Excrutians came… Barely escaping her worlds destruction, she wandered the earth for some time, until picked by the Phoenix to become the new Power or Resolve.

Scaling Gift (1 CP)
Alchemy 1 (3 CP)
+3 AMPs (3 CP)

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