Domina Cerna, Power of Resolve

Watchfulness and remembrance
A single blue violet with a pair of supporting rosemary flowers

Aspect 5 (Exemplar), 8 AMPs
Domain 0 (Pawn), 5 DMPs
Realm 0 (Citizen), 5 RMPs
Spirit 1 (Hearthfire), 5 SMPs

Alchemy 1 (Practitioner), Uses AMPs

Eye for an Atlas
Healing Touch
Scaling Gift
Shapeshifting (any sort of elm tree)
Elemental (able to become a memetically-transferring belief)
Unblemished Guise (Penetration 2)

Restriction: Cannot kill
Restriction: Clearly visible even in darkness
Virtue: Discreet
Affiliation: Code of the Light (with Fervent Imperator)


  • Shinjou Heishichirou Tomoyuki, an Anchor (4)
  • Green and growing things (4)
  • her relationship with her Familia (3)
  • the sanctity of her Estate (3)
  • Zen philosophy, specifically that of the no-mind (2)
  • Organizations dedicated to ending world hunger (2)
  • the inhabitants of the Fire Isles (2)

Ebba was created as the root of a world. A miniature copy of the world tree, to nourish, support, and protects all the worlds inhabitants. Then, the Excrutians cameā€¦ Barely escaping her worlds destruction, she wandered the earth for some time, until picked by the Phoenix to become the new Power or Resolve.

Scaling Gift (1 CP)
Alchemy 1 (3 CP)
+3 AMPs (3 CP)

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