Dark Heart

Major Destruction of Energy, uncommon, local, simple miracle, comprehensive, 6 MP total.

Joseph is a void into which power falls. This power allows him to consume loose energy, whether it be physical, mystical, or emotional. When he activates this Gift, the power flows into him and through him and harmlessly exits the universe. Thus he may defuse the explosion of a neutron bomb, consume a dreadful curse, reduce a pot of boiling water to ice, or calm a raging mob in an instant.

There is no limit to the amount of energy this Gift can absorb, but it can affect only "positive" energies with an actual presence; thus, Joseph can absorb heat but not cold, and anger but not apathy. The anti-nature of the Excrucians is explicitly susceptible for this Gift, if for some reason it should ever be encountered wandering around loose instead of being collected into a Horseman or Focus.

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