Dominus of Music

Daniel Hawthorne

A pleasant and refined gentleman, humming a faint melody to himself as he taps out a beat with his fingers.

Personal Code

The Code of Hell

  1. Corruption is the highest principle
  2. Suffering is a form of corruption
  3. Power justifies itself


Stylized musical notation interwoven with the Blossom of Bargaining, against a virulent poison-green backdrop lightly spattered with translucent darkness.

Miraculous Abilities

  • Aspect 5
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Domain 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Realm 0
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Spirit 1
    • 5 Permanent Miracle Points
  • Patronage 2


Polished Musical Talent

(Daniel has superior musical talent than those up to two aspect levels higher than him. In addition, humans who have musical talent instantly recognize Daniel as a master, as do Powers to whom musical talent is important.)

Tools of the Master

(Lesser Creation of Musical Instruments, Simple Miracle, one at a time, comprehensive, uncommon: 1 point. Daniel can, with a simple gesture, create any musical instrument he desires in his hands: Solid gold fiddles, vintage guitars, a child's penny-whistle, or what have you. While they can be of exceptional quality or unusual material, such creations have no miraculous, or even magical, power in and of themselves.)



Sometimes the faintest hint of brimstone hangs in the air around Daniel, sometimes distant fires reflect themselves in his eyes, sometimes his smile takes on a sinister cast despite his best intentions. It's not always overt, but anyone, mortal or Power, who deals with Daniel knows, on an instinctive and usually purely subconscious level, that they deal with a power of Hell. This earns him one miracle point when it complicates his life in some fashion.


It doesn't happen as often in this day and age as it used to even a few decades ago, but anyone who waits alone at a crossroads at midnight, with the specific intention of bargaining for musical talent, will summon Daniel from wherever he may be to that location. while not bindable in the classic sense of the word, he is obligated to make at least one offer, and if that offer is accepted, grant whoever summoned him the musical talent they seek. This earns him one miracle point whenever it is a moderate inconvenience, or up to three if an Excrucian or Noble opponent uses it to call him into a trap, or pull him away from an important situation.


In transforming himself into a font through which musical genius poured forth into the world, Daniel bound himself with a powerful oath: that he could not physically harm, nor lie to, any 'professional' musician, from internationally famous pop stars to buskers playing for spare change on the street. This oath applies indirectly as well, he cannot command, or even politely request, another to do either of these things for him, be they ally or underling. Anyone who has ever accepted any amount of money for a musical performance falls under this aegis, and it earns him one miracle point when it complicates his life, possibly more if the person so protected happens to be an Excrucian-shard or hostile Noble.

Virtue: Perfectionist

A common Virtue among exemplars, Perfectionist does not mean that Daniel is perfect in everything he does: but it does mean he refuses to accept any personal imperfection. Excrucian trickery might cause him to attack his allies, but it could not make him choose to attack them in a sloppy or haphazard manner. In addition, he has supernatural insight into his own flaws and shortcomings, and occasionally how to overcome them, and for an SMP, can make his perfectionist nature readily apparent to all onlookers for a scene. If his perfectionism ever gets him into very significant trouble, it can earn him an MP.


  • His Familia: 4
  • His Imperator: 4
  • The Sanctity of his Estate: 4
  • His many mortal servants: 5
  • Powers of Heaven: 2
  • Rex, his pet dog, a black mongrel: 1

Sample Miracles

Lesser Divinations: Identify the title and artist of any song playing. Know somebody's musical preferences, intimately. Know how to play any given song.
Lesser Preservations: Cause a song to echo long after it's been played, or keep a performer playing far longer than they intended to. Repair a broken or damaged musical instrument. And of course, make a song stuck in somebody's head.
Lesser Creations: Create hauntingly, achingly beautiful music (or music of any other imaginable descriptor) out of thin air. Cause people to burst into song for no apparent reason.
Lesser destructions: Turn a melody into silence or meaningless noise. Make someone no longer able to appreciate music (a specific kind, or all kinds). Remove musical talent.
Major divinations: Know anything that occurred, is occurring, or will occur while music was/is/will be playing.
Lesser Change: Turn a talented blues singer into a talented heavy metal guitarist. Turn a song into a "music elemental". Make a song which kills (or heals) anyone who sings it.
Major preservations: Make a song stuck in somebody's head forever. Grant a musician immortality, as long as they keep playing.
Major creation: Create music with miraculous or wondrous properties, or create music on a large, even global, scale.
Major destruction: Silence the world. Completely remove a genre of music from existence.
Major changes: Do anything even remotely imaginable, music-related.

Estate Correspondences

Music, the ability to appreciate music, musical talent, and musical instruments, the emotions inspired by music.


Daniel is generally held to be one of the more personable and agreeable powers of Hell. He retains an atmosphere of refined sophistication, and saves corruption and suffering for "the ones who deserve it". Daniel rarely gets his own hands dirty, but isn't afraid of it if necessary, and those who do force his hand are often surprised at his capabilities: he rarely moves with the awesome might or effortless grace of most Exemplars, preferring simple efficiency instead. He much prefers bargaining over fighting, however, and being immensely personally capable simple means there's that much more he can offer someone in exchange for some service or favor…


Shortly after his commencement, Daniel challenged (or was challenged by, depending on the storyteller) the Devil to a fiddling contest. The exact details of the contest are a secret known only to those two individuals, but the result, afterwards, was Daniel being hellmarked, but having learned the art of Patronage.

After that, he led a life fairly typically for the Nobilis: serving his Imperator, maintaining his Estate and Chancel, thwarting Excrucians when the opportunity arose, attending all the must-attend social functions of the Nobilis, and so on.

Notable friends and Enemies

While Daniel has no anchors at this time, he has many mortal servants, almost all of whom he once offered his boon in exchange for loyal service. Not every famous pop star, anacharist punk rocker, wealthy opera singer, or soulful blues artist owes their talent to Daniel… but many do, and many of these have managed their talent into wealth, and their wealth into other, useful forms of power, and all of them owe that power, ultimately, to Daniel.

In addition, for all that Daniel serves the code of Hell, he has offered his boon to any and all powers of Heaven who request it, with no strings attached. When asked for his reasons, he claims that making his estate a chosen tool of those Nobilis who serve Beauty is its own reward, and in the Valde Bellum, shouldn't all sides be reaching towards their former opposite for reconciliation in face of the Excrucian threat? Some Powers have been persuaded, and accepted said gift, while others remain suspicious of secret agendas and ulterior motives.

Goals and Motivations

Daniel for the most part, is content to consolidate his own personal power by gathering mortal underlings, Noble allies, and keeping a weather eye out for any other assorted opportunities that may arise.

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