Character Knowledge

Leads on Galliard's problem

  • Nobody knows which Ymerus is Death- many believe it is a transcendant property of Creation itself, as it comes for even many of the Imperial. However, it is common knowledge that Blind Nashira- angel of Windows, Gazers, Sacrifice, and Memorials- has made by far the deepest study of its nature, and watches over the Black Veil through which mortals pass before reincarnation. Her Familia, unnerving as they can be, might know a secret way of killing the unkillable.
  • The only recent rumour you have heard of any Child of Cneph holding an Abhorrent weapon places a dagger- Grief, or perhaps Slander- at the heart of some sort of hushed-up doings in Santa Filomena, the locus of Wildlord Stultus. Stultus is one of the classic odd ducks of Creation, though, so this could be a difficult lead to follow up. You don't even know his Estates, with one exception- Ozymandias had an epic battle / interesting conversation with Drunks once.
  • Ba'al ZebĂ»b- the Lord of the Flies- is Alchemy, among other things, and Daniel has managed to accrue a favor or two which should be good for at least a consultation with him. This is probably the heaviest hitter the Familia has any realistic chance of calling on- but if it turns out you need more from him than advice, you're in a classic 'bargaining with the Devil' situation.
  • Julie of the Snakes, power of Asps and Water Moccasins, has been trying to convince Joseph to help her rob the palace of her Brother Treasure. Given Midas is a watchful Tempest it hasn't exactly been an attractive offer, but he has squirreled away the largest collection of strange artifacts in Creation. It may very well hold an Abhorrent weapon or something else useful in this situation.
  • By watching those in the thrall of his Estate, Ebenezer has learned of a library somewhere in the Dream World full of dark and terrible secrets. It might hold the key to this situation, but braving such a realm might not be worth the price.
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