Augur, Lord of Data Mining


Augur takes the form of a young professional, crisply dressed and exquisitely groomed. He carries himself confidently, like a man who's figured out the whole world, and treats everyone like he's known them forever. The word most people use to describe him is "know-it-all."

Personal Code

Augur is aligned with the faction of Light. While nature does generate data on it's own, only humanity gathers and correlates this data to generate new information.


Tiny clusters of flowers, densely packed. The flowers are black turning to yellow in the center. They bloom off a vine, with whorls of blue-green leaves filling the spaces between the flowers. A second vine of flowers is identical, save for the petals, which are reversed. Both vines coil tightly around caduceus, with a gray and white fractal pattern in the background.

Miraculous Abilities

Aspect 1 (5 AMP)

Domain 5 (7 DMP)

Realm -

Spirit 1 (6 SMP)


Jacked In

Every cell of Augur's body hums with endless song of data that is the Information Superhighway. All data that flies through the air flies through him, and he drinks it in like the sweetest wine. He is constantly connected to the Internet, and perceives and understands all wavelengths that transmit data. He can listen to every transmission around him simultaneously without difficulty, and ignores standard encryption.
[Lesser Creation of Perception (+4), Automatic (+1), Self only (-3), limited application (-2)] : 1pt

Data Dump

By connecting to a database, Augur can copy its information into himself. This is most often used upon computers and other electronic devices, but can also be used to gain the memories of a mortal being. Any physical contact will create a connection, as will contact through electronic means (FTP, telephone call, instant message.)
[Major Divination of Knowledge (+5), simple miracle (-1), local only(-1), limited application (-2)] : 1pt


A gift from his Imperator, Augur is shielded from all but the puissant of attacks.


Manifestion: Ghosts in the Machine

The strength of Data Mining is by nature limited by the data available. A flawed data set will create flawed conclusions; an empty data set will create nothing at all. Consequently, there are two ways a dedicated opponent can escape Augur's eye. Such a "ghost in the machine" is literally invisible to Augur, and can bypass both his divine protection and divine fury.
The first is to leave no data trail. This is an difficult endeavor for powerful beings, for their very existence leaves trails in both the Prosaic and Mythic worlds. However, a dedicated Power or Excrucian might be able to obfuscate their existance for a time, and things new to the Universe do take a while to leave a record.

In addition, Data Mining fails in the face of those who have lost or abandoned their identities. Such "ghosts" can naturally arise amongst amnesiacs or the homeless, while others deliberately give up one life to build another. So long as these people completely avoid their old lives, their broken datatrail cannot be mined. However, any connection made between the old life and the new breaks the protection. Using an old bank account, contacting an ex-coworker, getting recognized in a crowd - anything that brings back the past removes the protection. A Power or Excrucian wanting to exploit this flaw would need to hide their nature from the universe completely. Still, such things can be done…(-2pts)



By the nature of his Domain, Augur is compelled to gather information.


1: His rivalry with the Power of Secrecy.
1: The film Momento
2: The memory of Johanes Kepler. Using only Tycho Brahe's astronomical data, Kepler determined the movement of the planets.
3: The open source initiative
4: The Innocence Project. The volunteers of the Innocence Project use court documents and DNA evidence to free wrongly convicted criminals.
4: National Security Agency
5: The defense of his Estate

Sample Miracles

Level 1: Ghost Miracles

  • Learn someones mental state from non-verbal cues.

Level 2: Lesser Divinations

  • Determine who is closest to solving a mystery.
  • Find the most powerful computer in the region.

Level 3: Lesser Preservations

  • Make an obscure piece of data readily available.
  • Prevent knowledge from being obscured.

Level 4: Lesser Creations

  • Create a false, but thoroughly cross-referenced, entry into a database.
  • Conjure a database or reference book

Level 5: Lesser Destructions / Major Divinations

  • Purge all references to a fact from the internet.
  • Uncover all pertinent data on an individual.
  • Find the answer to any question.


Augur is pleasant and personable, but tends to be condescending. At first glance, he seems like a well-to-do hacker type, but those close to him find him to be more of a mystic.


Augur knows almost nothing of his life before his enNobling. For reasons that he refuses to explain, Takshaka purged all knowledge of Augur's mortal life from the universe. This baffling destruction gnaws at Augur to this day, and he has spent much time and effort trying to piece something together from the shreds of data he has uncovered.
To date, Augur has gleamed the following facts about his old life.

  • He was approximately 31 at the time of his enNobling.
  • He was likely raised in the American midwest, near a metropolitan area.
  • It seems likely that he had siblings.
  • He was college educated, probably in computer sciences.



The hacker known as "Griftah" runs a credit card theft ring about of her home in Krakow, Poland. She and her crew use a variety of data gathering tricks to send wealthy targets highly customized trojans and spam.

Barry Scheck

Barry Scheck is a powerful, well respected defense attorney, and co-founder of the Innocence Project. He is better known as a member of OJ Simpson's defense team.

Notable friends and Enemies

Anonymous, The Power of Secrets

Augur is locked into an ongoing argument over the role of secrecy in the modern world. Augur considers the concept of secrecy obsolete in the age of Data Mining, while Anonymous points to the ease of obscuring one's identity in the internet age. Their relationship has become rather complex; they are bitter rivals intellectually, and they have interfered in each others' works on occasion. At the same time, they have teamed on several occasions to defeat outside attacks on their domains. No one else is allowed to interfere with their struggle.

Goals and Motivations

Discover the Excrucians' reasons for fighting the War

Uncover his own past

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