Alexa Fortis

Domina Ignis, Fire's-Regal, Power of Fire

Player: Uqbarian

Afilitation: Code of the Light

Aspect 2 (Legendary), 5 AMPs
Domain 5 (Regal), 6 DMPs
Realm 0 (Citizen), 5 RMPs
Spirit 3 (Incandescent Flame), 7 SMPs

Sovereign's Gift (personal variant; allows only local use but works as a simple miracle; also includes Penetration 5)

Limit: Light Touch (+2 SMPs)
Limit: Flight Gift only functions while Alexa is in Elemental form (+1 DMP)
Restriction: Cigarette Bond

Her Estate 6
Her Imperator 5
Her Familia 4
Her mortal family 3
The Chancel 2

Samuel Fortis (love)
Alexa's second-oldest brother, a financial analyst working in the Bank of England.

Rebecca Cardinale
Alexa's best friend at university, currently studying medicine at University College London.
(one slot left open)

Tall, athletic, lightly tanned, with shoulder-length wavy brown-black hair. Prefers to wear suits and coats in shades of black and charcoal.

(Note: Started out with 5 bonus CPs plus Eternal (worth 3 CPs))
3 CPs spent to buy Aspect 2
1 CP spent to add 1 Penetration on the Sovereign's Gift
2 more CPs on the Sovereign's Gift
2 more CPs on the Sovereign's Gift
3 CPs spent to buy Spirit 3

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