Baron of Clones

Adam carries the poise and self-assuredness of the high breeding inherited from his progenitor, Fredrick Dunhelm. Adam is grounded, genial, and forthright.

Personal Code

Code of the Light


On a bifurcated background, negre a gauche, blanche a droit, two identical Perfect Dandelions, a floating seed in each quadrant.

Miraculous Abilities

Aspect 2 / 7 AMP 12345~~

Domain 1 / 5 DMP 1234~

Realm - / - RMP

Spirit 4 / 5 SMP 12345


Unblemished Guise- Created as an exact copy of Frederick Dunhelm, Adam's essential 'humanness' is strong and can confuse the Sight of lesser Powers. 1 CP

Cloning- As a wonderous expression of his Domain, Adam has the gift of Cloning himself and others with mortal copies. Thses new beings share all memories of the model being and are indistinguishable.

Major Creation of Clones 7
Simple Miracle -1
Local (Self/Other)-1
One Trick (create a clone) -3
Uncommon +1
Total: 3 point gift

Imperial Gifts

Polished-Bioengineering (+2)


Immutable Form- Adam's form is unalterable due to his essence in being an exact copy of another. Mundane techniques work fine, but he is loathe to do even this.

A limit of Aspect/ +2 AMP


Lonely- Deep down, Adam likes having others around. His Domain being one of multiples, he can become edgy and despairing if left alone for too long a time. A clone is a handy remedy, but circumstances may arise when this is not an option.

A restriction of Domain (+? MP when appropriate)



6-The joy in sharing the discovery of Creation with newborn senses with His Highness, Takshaka
5-The sense of commonality with his familia celestis
4-Research in the beneficial aspects of Cloning.
4-Establishing Human cloning despite socio-political resistance
3-GenTec's secret labs on the 10th floor of the Dunhelm building(birthplace)
2-His first clone, now known as Fredrick Dunhelm (anchor)
1-Burnham Prairie Path, Chicago.

Sample Miracles

Level 1 Ghost miracle: Create a multitude of likenesses

Level 2 Divination: Calculate the quantity of clones of a particular being, zero or greater. Determine the location and concentration of cloned organic material

Level 3 Lesser Preservation: Maintain the viability of clones and cloned material to accomplish experimental goals.

Level 4 Lesser Creation: Create and/or multiply clones and cloned material. Choke a local field with dandelions. Establish a new colony of fire ants, (Wasmannia auropunctata)

Level 5 Lesser Destruction: Wipe out a stand of aspens, save one. Prevent cellular division.

Estate Correspondences

Though they haven't yet met, Adam is anxious to meet the Powers of Genetics and Experimental Biology. The Power of Diversity sent him a chilly welcome card. He hasn't heard from the Domina of Individuality.


Never having lived as a human, Adam is perhaps more comfortable than many as a Noble. There is a childlike wonder about him as he discovers how Creation works. He is affable and open, the conflagration of his soul-shard emanates hope of what could be.


*Cough**Cough* "What do you see? Is it time?" Dunhelm stood, shaking, wrapped in a thick robe over his bedclothes overlooking his lifelong Governess, Shelley. She sat on the floor of the enormous bedroom, brooding over a complex lay of Tarot cards.

"The serpent stirs. It is close. We should prepare." She grasps two overlain cards from the array, the Hanged Man, inverted, crossing the Death card. "No doctors. Not yet. There can be no interference."

"What is this, woman? My pancreas and liver won't last another week! It must be now!" Fredrick doubled over and coughed spasmodically.

"You will live on Frederick, and you will be whole. Rest now."

One floor below the penthouse of the Dunhelm Building the finest recreation yet seen in the world of biology lay submerged in it's own plasma awaiting the spark of life. It must live. Its heart must beat before it can be sundered, sacrificed for the life of its twin.

But its eyes must not open.

The Next Day…

"GenTec, Mr Dunhelm's office." announced a mildly bored female voice.


"M-Mr. Dunhelm?" the surprise in the woman's voice approached bewilderment. "How are you today, sir?" Even though Cheryl was Frederick's personal assistant, she hadn't spoke to him directly in a year and a half.

"That's me, Mr Frederick Dunhelm, that's right!"

"Sir, are you feeling, uh, better?" it was Frederick's voice all right, she just didn't recognize it.

"I feel just great Stacy!"

"That's wonderful, sir. What can I do for you today?" Cheryl opened her mostly unused notpad.

"Call the, mm, Board… of… Directors. Yeah, that's it. Schedule a meeting. How's that?"

"That's fine sir. Is there anything else?"

"Nope, that'll do it Stacy, and thanks!"

"Very well sir, and sir, it's Cheryl."


Frederick Dunhelm (clone)(love) - The new (and some would say, improved) Frederick Dunhelm is the first clone of Adam and now sits atop the vast Dunhelm fortune and GenTec.

AdamIII (clone)(love) Stayed behind at the Jeroboam Ski Lodge while the familia went to investigate in the town. Now calling himself Robinson, he is currently stargazing in Papua New Guinea.

Notable friends and Enemies

Ms. Shelley- The lifelong governess and nurse for Frederick Dunhelm, the only mortal to know what actually happened the night of Adam's birth and Frederick's death. She predicted the miraculous event through unknown mystical means. the New Frederick feels a natural gratitude and responsibility toward Ms. Shelley, but her intentions for the future are unknown.

Goals and Motivations

Adam feels as much a clone of Takshaka as of Dunhelm, and as such feels compelled to act according to its wishes and on its behalf. The strength of the soul-shard within him gives him comfort not pain as he feels less unique and more a part of something else. This feeling extends to the Familia and it's sense of commonality which enriches some part of his Estate.

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